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Multimeter Digital

Price : Rp. 480.000 / Unit (Call Us)

Electrical voltage current measuring instrument
Angle Meter Tajima

Price : Rp. 500.000 / Unit (Call Us)

Angle measuring tool that is used when the pillars, doors, windows and other construction objects order precision.
Lubricant SIKA-227

Price : Rp. 35.000 / Seed (PROMO)

Sika Lube 227 is a liquid rust remover and as a lubricant.

The advantages:

* Lubricate and protect from abrasion, friction and heat.
* Eliminates moisture containing salt....
Batu Gurinda Asah

Price : Call us

Millstones for grinding machines sit mini available in green and gray, with a varied degree of fineness.
Type GC for non ferrous metal and type A for metal.
Sarung Tangan Tahan Listrik 5KV

Price : Rp. 150.000 / Pair (Call us)

This Sucofindo certified gloves can protect from electrical voltage of 5000 volts.
Lampu Senter Batu Cincin

Price : Rp. 70.000 / Pieces (Call us)

LED and UV lamp equipped with 60x magnification lens to see the detailed beauty of gemstones and detecting counterfeit currency.
Cutting plasma machine Caldwell

Price : Call us


1. Mosfet inverter circuit, high frequency arc starting.
2. Quick cutting speed, slim cutting line with smooth cut surface.
3. High efficiency and energy savings.....
Mesin Las Caldwell MIG

Price : Call us


1. Made in the IGBT inverter technology.
2. Multi function MIG & MMA.
3. High efficiency and energy savings.
4. Easy to start the arc and little spatter.
WD40 Lubricant

Price : Rp. 46.000 (Call us)

* Protect the material from corrosion
* Cleaning materials
* Lubricate metal objects
* Eliminates noise caused by rust
Rompi Jaring scotlite V

Price : Rp. 35.000 (Call us)

Scotlite Vest used when workers perform tasks in the mines open and closed, workers repairing roads on the day or night, a motorcyclist, while fishing, etc.
Sarung Tangan Stainless Steel

Price : Call us

Gloves made from stainless steel for hand anticipation of danger sharp objects such as knives.
Sandblast Hood NP503

Price : Call us

This robe is designed for safety in the work sandblasting.
Equipped with air regulator hose and glass lenses 5, 25 " x 4, 5 " .
Welding Helmet 633P

Price : Call us

Welding mask fast track system is made from best quality plastic, durable with strong structure.
Clip Clap Welding Helmet

Price : Call us

The purpose of the clip-clap, welding mask can be assembled into one with your helmet.
There are also models with aluminum brackets 6PA3 type.
Faceshield Visor

Price : Call us

Polycarbonyte glass with a thickness of 1, 5mm used professional workers when performing grinding and welding. Available in various sizes dimensions.
Mesin Las Inverter Caldwell TIG

Price : Call us


1. Mosfet inverter circuit, high frequency arc starting.
2. TIG & MMA function.
3. Automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation.
4. Small splashing, great....
Mesin Las Inverter Caldwell ARC/ MMA

Price : Call us


1. Mosfet inverter circuit, high frequency arc starting.
2. Easy to start the arc. It can resist disturbing stable arc and little spatter.
3. Reliable with high....
Drilling and Milling Machine ZX-7045

Price : Rp. 21.500.000 / Unit (Call us)

Westlake ZX7045

Tandu Lipat

Price : Rp. 900.000 / Unit (Call us)

Available emergency stretcher folding 2 and 4 fold.

Price : Rp. 2.500.000 (call us)

Elyssion compressor E10-KD
Power: 1HP
Capacity: 100L/ min
Pressure: 116psi
Cylinders: 1
Tank: 24 Liter
Weight: 22 Kg
Dimension: 590 x 290 x 620 mm
Mesin Chain Saw

Price : Rp. 1.500.000 / Unit (Call us)

A chainsaw ( or chain saw) is a portable, mechanical saw which cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a guide bar. It is used in activities such as....
Ing Dryer

Price : Rp. 450.000 / Unit (Call us)

: Heat Retainable Dryer 5kg Rod. ( Temp. regulation: 80Ú C to 320Ú C steplessly.)
Life Jacket/ pelampung

Price : Rp. 90.000 / Seed (Call us)

We sell a life jacket and receive orders on demand

Used for security for those who love sports rafting, jetski, snorkeling, fishing, supplementary security on ships, etc.
Masker 8210

Price : 160000 / Box Call us

3M mask type 8210 graduation NIOSH has filtering efficiency of at least 95% of the pepejal and aerosols that do not contain oil.
Full face respirator SPASCIANI

Price : Rp. 1.700.000 / Set (call us)

Full face mask is used to separate the cartridge combined with the function of the chemical filter, dust, gas, etc.
Masker Anti Carbon

Price : Rp. 23.000 / Seed (Call us)

MASKR super activation of the carbon filter is processed with cutting-edge technology with the absorption capability of more than 140 types of chemicals.
Chemical Respirator NP305

Price : Call us

Designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dust, smoke, vapor, or gas.

NP305 type is equipped with a single filter, filter for air pollution lightweight category.
Masker Kertas

Price : 35000 / Box call us

This paper hygienic masks designed for a single use.
Chemical Cartridge RC202 RC203

Price : Rp. 10.000 / Seed (Call us)

For organic vapours, mists, spray painting, and fumes of low toxicity.
Maskr ACF Filter

Price : Rp. 35.000 / Unit (call)

Supermask with ACF filter is the latest invention and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, military and environmental protection.
ACF has long been shown to have good....
Chemical Respirator TORA

Price : Rp. 35.000 / Set (Call us)

Respirator is a device designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dust, smoke, vapor, or gas. Respirators are available in various types of filters that are used by....
Chemical Respirator NP306

Price : Call us

Respirator is a device designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dust, smoke, vapor, or gas. Respirators are available in various types of filters that are used by....
Gas Respirator

Price : Rp. 850.000

Full face mask is used with a combination cartridge with a chemical filter function, toxic gases.

* Product cartridges sold separately priced.
Helm Proyek Blue Eagle

Price : Call us

Taiwan' s production helmet has the power of good design and provide more security for consumers.
Available in yellow, white, blue, green, red, orange.
Helm Proyek VGS

Price : Rp. 20.000 / Set (Call us)

This project Helmet available in various colors: yellow, orange, white, blue, green, gray.

Available with different qualities and models.
Helm proyek USA

Price : Call us

Helmets USA is flexible and durable ( not broken) with slots for fastening system head circumference.

Available in yellow, blue, white, orange, green, red.
Auto Dark Welding Helmet

Price : Rp. 750.000 / Unit (Call us)

Auto dark welding helmet for profesional technician.
Tangki Bensin untuk Mesin Potong Rumput

Price : Rp. 120.000 (Call us)

Gasoline tank for grass cutter machine, usable for all brand.
Pisau Potong Rumput

Price : Rp. 50.000 / Seed (Call us)

Knife part for grass cutter machine.
Suitable for variable brand of grass cutter machine.
Safety Shoes SH-9130

Price : Rp. 295.200 / Pair (Call us)

Steel Horse is a brand of our safety shoes product which made of genuine leather, rubber sole resistant to oil and chemicals, steel toe protector according to EN345. So, ensured....
Metal Detector/ Garret SuperWand

Price : Rp. 2.100.000 / Unit (Call us)

The SuperWand' s exclusive 360° detection field provides uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy. From U.S.....
Emergency light water proof

Price : Rp. 250.000 / Seed

Emergency light water proof for marine, outdoor.
Sarung Tangan Kevlar

Price : Rp. 100.000 / Dozen (Call us)

Knitted gloves kevlar anti-scratch layer suitable for industrial cans, removal of sharp objects such as iron, fishing, etc.
Lampu Polisi/ Lampu Ambulance

Price : Rp. 3.000.000 (Call us)

Light Bar Police for ambulance, police car, etc.
Traffic cone Rubber 75cm

Price : Call us

Traffic cone was used as road signs when there is the repair of roads and to guide motorists on track. This beacon is equipped scotlite that will reflect when exposed to light at....
WindSock/ Petunjuk arah angin

Price : Call us

A windsock is a conical textile tube ( which resembles a giant sock, hence its name) designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. Windsocks typically are used at....
Sarung Tangan Argon Plainsman

Price : Rp. 60.000 (Call us)

Plainsman glove have flexibility so as to provide comfort wear and safety at work.
Cold Resistance Glove/ MAPA 770

Price : Rp. 220.000 (Call us)

Thermal insulation 100% liquid-proof to protect from extreme contact cold

PVC specially designed for use in extreme cold ( -30° C) whilst preserving the flexibility of the....
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