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Mr. Fredy Ma

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+6231 5314194, 5314198
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0822 4590 5090, 0856 4988 8999
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+6231 5452967
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Neoprene Chemical Resistant Gloves NP620
MODEL : NP 620

* Heavy Duty
* Cotton Lining
* Length : ....
Rompi Kerja di kota Surabaya
We provide a reflective vest with various models to customer needs.

So, we invite you to visit our store directly at:

UD. Tekad Jaya
Jl. Kedungdoro 92F, Surabaya
Chemical Respirator NP305
Designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dust, smoke, vapor, or gas.

NP305 type is equipped with a single filter, filter for air pollution lightweight category.
Sarung Tangan Kulit Import
Import leather glove has a great flexibility. So comfortable and safe for users. This product is suitable for welding, lifting heavy objects and sharp.
Available in orange, red....
Gunting plat besi/ stainless
These aviation snips are designed to make cuts which are straight or slightly curved, towards either the left or the right. Straight cut aviation snips usually have a yellow....
Rompi Asgard 4 kantong di Surabaya
Reflective vest is equipped with four pockets specially made for the head of field workers with good quality materials.
  Suitable also for the biker as an additional....
Metal Detector Surabaya/ Garret SuperWand
The SuperWand' s exclusive 360° detection field provides uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy. From U.S.....
GARRETT Metal Detector Surabaya
Metal detector is a device used to detect all types of metal.

Call us + 6231 5314194
Full Body Harness Karam PN56 Surabaya
* An ideal combination of fall arrest, work positioning, rescue and rope access applications.
* Soft padding on shoulder, waist and leg straps for an extended....
Road Barrier Surabaya
Road barrier keep vehicles on their line and minimize the accident.

Contact us + 6231 5314194
Sarung Tangan Las murah
BIG SALE product.

Contact us + 62315314194, 5314198
Batu gerinda potong
Iron Flex grinding stone produced by the Japanese company, offering solutions for the best quality and cost down ( economically priced) .
Traffic cone Surabaya
Traffic cone was used as road signs when there is the repair of roads and to guide motorists on track. This beacon is equipped scotlite that will reflect when exposed to light at....
Lampu stik lalu lintas - Grosir Surabaya
the light sticks used by police officers to regulate the traffic flow.
Helm CAMP Rockstar di Surabaya
Rock Star

Hybrid construction
Slider size adjustment
Comfort chin strap
Headlamp compatible
EN 12492 certified

Wear Pack di Surabaya
Wholesale center work vest, work clothes in Surabaya.
Providing safety equipment based in Surabaya.

Contact us 031-5314194, 5314198
Electrical Boot Yotsugi di Surabaya
This insulator boots are used for protection of electrical workers from electrical shock while working. With a duration of 3 minutes insulation ( resistance 20.000V - 30.000V) .
Boot safety di Surabaya
Safety boots have an iron on the front ( toe cap) and iron plate on the sole of the foot ( middle-plate sole) .
Tabung Pemadam Kebakaran/ APAR di Surabaya
Selling Fire Extinguisher in Surabaya.
Brand Hooseiki, Servvo, Venus, Savior.

Contact us + 6231 5314194
Sarung Tangan Tahan Tegangan Listrik/ Elsec 20KV
Protective gloves voltage up to 20KV.
This product imported from Poland.

Call us + 6231 5314194
Mesin Potong Rumput/ Grass Cutter -Surabaya
Brush Cutter Firman 338M

Ring Buoy Fiber Surabaya
Selling Ring buoy fiber in Surabaya

Call us 031-5314194, 5314198
Stick Cone Surabaya
Traffic poles with a height of 1 meter was used as road signs when there is the repair of roads and for other safety purposes.

Contact us + 6231-5314194, 5314198
Rompi Jaring V
Scotlite Vest used when workers perform tasks in the mines open and closed, workers repairing roads on the day or night, a motorcyclist, while fishing, etc.
Rompi Jaring Surabaya
Scotlite Vest used when workers perform tasks in the open/ closed mines field, workers repairing roads on the day or night, a motorcyclist, while fishing, etc..
Electrical Gloves 5KV
This Sucofindo certified gloves can protect from electrical voltage of 5000 volts.
Life Jacket - jaket pelampung - Surabaya
We sell a life jacket and receive orders on demand

Used for security for those who love sports rafting, jetski, snorkeling, fishing, supplementary security on ships, etc.
Stun Gun / Setrum Kejut
Main parameters:
1. Source voltage 6V
2. Output pulse voltage 1800KV
3. Current consumption < 1, 9A ( for electric shock) - < 0, 8A ( for illumination)
Aluminized Apron with Sleeves AL6
Apron with canal is lined aluminum sleeve. Length 49 " , width 27 " .

Contact us 031-5314194, 5314198
Fire Alarm
The fire alarm mounted on the building to turn on the buzzer / voice if there is an indication of a fire in the building for immediate evacuation.
CCTV HikVision
Tipe DS-2CE55A2P-IRP 3.6mm
1/ 3 " DIS/ 700 TVL, 0.1Lux
True day and night
IR distance 10-20 meter

Suitable for home and office
Ear Plug
Protecting the hearing of a low noise level.
Safety Net
Safety nets to the size of 1.2m x 100M for the level of security in the construction of tall buildings.
Batu Gerinda Hijau GC
Millstones for grinding machines sit mini available in green and gray, with a varied degree of fineness.
Type GC for non ferrous metal and type A for metal.
Rated Voltage : 220 V
Frequency : 50 Hz
Rated output : 900 W
Nett weight : 20 Kg
Dimensions : 465 x 380 x 380 mm

Kompresor SGL
The compressor is a mechanical device which serves to supply, added to the pressure of the air.
Angle Grinder Lowen / Mesin Gerinda Tangan
Lowen angle grinding machine manufactured in Taiwan following the high standard / feasible for industry.
Stability and a reliable engine excellence.
Impact drill / Mesin Bor Tangan Lowen
Lowen impact drill machine manufactured in Taiwan following the high standard / feasible for industry.
Stability and a reliable engine excellence.
Multimeter Digital
Electrical voltage current measuring instrument
Angle Meter Tajima
Angle measuring tool that is used when the pillars, doors, windows and other construction objects order precision.
Lubricant SIKA-227
Sika Lube 227 is a liquid rust remover and as a lubricant.

The advantages:

* Lubricate and protect from abrasion, friction and heat.
* Eliminates moisture containing salt....
Cutting plasma machine Caldwell

1. Mosfet inverter circuit, high frequency arc starting.
2. Quick cutting speed, slim cutting line with smooth cut surface.
3. High efficiency and energy savings.....
Mesin Las Caldwell MIG

1. Made in the IGBT inverter technology.
2. Multi function MIG & MMA.
3. High efficiency and energy savings.
4. Easy to start the arc and little spatter.
WD40 Lubricant
* Protect the material from corrosion
* Cleaning materials
* Lubricate metal objects
* Eliminates noise caused by rust
Sarung Tangan Stainless Steel
Gloves made from stainless steel for hand anticipation of danger sharp objects such as knives.
Sandblast Hood NP503
This robe is designed for safety in the work sandblasting.
Equipped with air regulator hose and glass lenses 5, 25 " x 4, 5 " .
Welding Helmet 633P
Welding mask fast track system is made from best quality plastic, durable with strong structure.
Clip Clap Welding Helmet
The purpose of the clip-clap, welding mask can be assembled into one with your helmet.
There are also models with aluminum brackets 6PA3 type.
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